DIY Out of This World Downloadable Book Mark


From somewhere past the stars above comes the unknown mysteries of space and the promise of weirdly bizarre phenomena. It begs you to question.. Where can we go from here? Mars? Venus? What's beyond our universe?

Inspired by possibilities, illustrator Jim Tom, created a free project for all of us to download to go with your favorite Sci-Fi novel! Channel your inner Buck Rogers, holster that ray gun and let's make a space inspired bookmark as you shelter in place!

Free Out of this World Bookmark
Link To Download
Illustrated by Jim Tom for Tickle And Smash
For Personal Use Only

At our last adventure we shared Jim Tom's Free Printable Download of his "Ex Libris" Bookmark That you could hand color.. 

Now let's go make this bookmark so we can spend some time as heroes in space. Here's what you need:

  • PDF of the Out of This World Free Downloadable Book Mark (link above) 
  • Lightweight card stock or heavy paper
  • Scissors
  • Heavy String or Embroidery Floss

We would love to see the bookmarks you make out in the galaxy so be sure to tag us on your social media #TickleAndSmash #FookTom with your bookmarks and the current book you are reading!.


Here is a LINK TO VIDEO to see how the drawing began!


Blast Off Boys and Girls!





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